Ben Stein

Ben Stein | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Ben Stein | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Speaker, Economist, Former Aide to Nixon & Ford, Emmy-Winning Host, CBS/Fox/CNN Commentator
Gain valuable insights into the economy and life, while being entertained by Ben Stein, speaker, economist, and humorist.
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Ben Stein | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Ben Stein | PepTalk Expert Speaker
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Ben Stein | Speaker Biography

Ben Stein is a true Renaissance man, combining his deadpan humor with insightful commentary on the economy and human nature. His talks not only leave audiences laughing, but also thinking deeply about the topics he covers. With his curmudgeonly persona and offbeat style, Stein skillfully dissects the economy and helps people prioritize their lives, all while providing a revealing tour of society's greatest absurdities.

As a highly skilled economist, Stein's market analysis is sought after by companies and organizations nationwide. He has authored several books, including "Yes, You Can Supercharge Your Portfolio!" and "How to Ruin the United States of America." From his experience as a speechwriter for President Nixon to his iconic role as Ferris Bueller's teacher, Stein brings a wealth of expertise to his speeches, adding meaning to both life and work.

Stein covers a range of topics in his speeches, from the economic meltdown to strategies for surviving and thriving in its aftermath. He also offers a positive program to address the retirement crisis, providing individuals and companies with a step-by-step plan to retire comfortably through careful and diversified saving and investing. His speeches on politics in America offer a patriotic and optimistic perspective on the country's future, with a focus on positive policy prescriptions for moral and economic recovery.

What sets Stein apart is his ability to entertain and inform simultaneously, drawing on his unique experiences in various professions. Whether he is discussing the economy or sharing insights on life, audiences are left with valuable knowledge and fond memories of his presentations.

Finally, Stein addresses the current state of the economy, emphasizing the need for more regulation and prosecution to prevent future financial crises. He provides insights into the factors that led to the economic fiasco and offers practical solutions to dig us out.

Overall, Ben Stein's speeches are highly regarded and well-received by audiences. His expertise, humor, and ability to engage with his audience make him a sought-after speaker.

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