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Explore current economic developments, theories, practices, and their influence on global markets with PepTalk's expert economics speakers.

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Explore the importance of economics for achieving success in business.

Understanding economics is key for businesses to navigate the market dynamics and make strategic decisions. Economic principles influence consumer behaviour, market competition, and regulatory environments. By analysing economic trends, businesses can forecast demand, adjust pricing strategies, and plan for expansion, ensuring sustainability and growth in varying economic conditions.

Expert insights from economics speakers 

PepTalk is happy to offer an enlightening line-up of economics speakers for every event and occasion, each with diverse experiences and expertise. Our speakers specialise in various areas, from global economic trends to behavioural economics, and their insights can help your organisation create strategies that are informed by the latest economic theories and practices. 

  • Understanding macroeconomic trends and their impact on business.
  • The role of economic policy in shaping market dynamics.
  • Behavioural economics and its implications for consumer behaviour.
  • Emerging economic models and their potential for societal change.

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