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Is your leadership team confident in their decisions, or do you find that choices often need to be more timely or consistent? Are your leaders skilled in critical thinking, or is it difficult to analyse complex information effectively?
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Expert-led, 90-minute power workshops tailored to your organisation’s objectives and challenges.

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We pair expert speakers with experienced facilitators who combine storytelling and feedback to deliver actionable insights.

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Stories stick. PepTalk workshops have an immediate impact, driving memorable and effective behaviour changes.

In Collaboration with Sabrina Cohen-Hatton

Decision-Making Workshop for Leaders

In this 90-minute workshop led by Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton, and supported by an experienced PepTalk facilitator, your leadership teams will learn how to master the art of decision-making and make better business decisions.

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Sabrina Cohen-Hatton

Meet The Expert

Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton is one of the world's most senior women in the fire service. After leaving home at 15 and school at 16, she overcame extreme personal adversity and began her career as a firefighter. At night school, she studied for a 1st Class Honours degree in Psychology, a Master's in International Fire Service Development, and a PhD in Behavioural Neuroscience. Sabrina is recognised as a leading international expert on risk-critical decision-making in crises and is an Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff University. The application of Sabrina’s research and framework has been found to increase focused, goal directed decisions by 35%.

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Our PepTalk workshops are custom-designed to your needs and include the following key elements.

Discover how Sabrina became the most trusted leader in her organisation, earning the confidence and support of her peers for critical, life-dependent decisions.
Gain insights into Sabrina's strategic approach to decision-making, which is designed to minimise human error, especially in high-stress situations.
Explore frameworks to overcome common decision traps like decision inertia, confirmation bias, and tunnel vision, and learn how to create a plan that guides effective decision-making.

"In short, it was absolutely fantastic. Sabrina was inspirational, thought-provoking, honest and supremely professional."

Why are

Stories so


We know that stories stick. According to Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor Jennifer Aaker, stories are up to 22 times more memorable than facts or figures alone. Our brains are wired to remember stories, and listening to our experts tell theirs can benefit your team in three significant ways.

Shaping Perceptions
When people listen to stories, they help them shape opinions about others and the world we live in. These stories can influence decisions, such as hiring someone, buying from them, or liking them. The stories you hear also impact how we feel about ourselves and others, which is vital for inclusion.
Capturing Attention
Stories naturally draw people in and make them pay attention. When someone shares a story, you are likelier to slow down and engage with their message, allowing us to understand their insights more deeply.
Inspiring Action
Stories have the power to move people and change behaviour. A compelling story can motivate us to take action, guiding us through an engaging journey that leads to conviction and change.

What Makes PepTalk Workshops Different?

Stories stick. It’s said that people remember stories 22 times better than facts alone. That’s why we designed our workshops to blend theory with real-world stories, offering engaging content rich in actionable insights.
How do we do this? PepTalk pairs an experienced facilitator with a real-world expert to deliver sessions beyond the keynote. Your leaders gain skills they can immediately apply, fostering genuine behaviour change.
FeaturesPepTalk WorkshopTypical Workshop
Time90-power-packed-minutesA half or full-day
DesignTailored to your needsOff-the-shelf
FocusLevel-appropriate exploration of business challengesGeneralist approach
Delivery MethodDriven by stories and supported by theoryTheory-led
Participant engagementHigh engagement through dynamic and interactive sessionsEngagement depends on the facilitator’s style
SupportExpert and skilled facilitatorsA generalist facilitator
TopicsDriven by data and needsStandardised content
InteractivityHigh level of interaction with activities and discussionsVaries, may include some Q&A sessions
Follow-On Content Recording and transcription of the keynote
Challenge and videos from the expert

Don’t Get Left Behind

Leaders often face the pressure of making swift and wise decisions. Good decision-making involves analysing information, weighing options, and choosing actions that benefit the organisation. PepTalk’s decision-making workshops offer strategies to enhance leaders' decision-making processes, ensuring they can confidently navigate complex scenarios.

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Whether for a one-off session, a series of talks, a workshop or inspiration day, our speakers will help you shine a light on the actionable insights you need now.

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