Bob Woodruff

Bob Woodruff | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Bob Woodruff | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Speaker, UK Geopolitics, Global Security, And Strategic Trends Thinker And Writer
Gain valuable insights into current issues and be inspired by Bob Woodruff, speaker, journalist, and advocate for wounded servicemen and their families.
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Bob Woodruff | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Bob Woodruff | PepTalk Expert Speaker
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Bob Woodruff | Speaker Biography

Award-winning journalist for coverage in Afghanistan, Iraq, and more
Co-author of "In An Instant" about overcoming adversity
Founder of Bob Woodruff Foundation for wounded servicemen

Bob Woodruff, a former reporter injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq, has made significant contributions to journalism by covering critical events in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East/North Africa, and North Korea. His life took a dramatic turn in 2006 due to injuries sustained while on assignment. Bob's memoir, "In An Instant," co-authored with his wife Lee, delves into the themes of life's fragility, family strength, and overcoming adversity. His reporting excellence has been recognized with several awards, including Emmys, a George Foster Peabody, an Alfred I. Dupont Award, and the Daniel Pearl Award for Courage and Integrity in Journalism. Following his recovery, Bob and Lee founded the Bob Woodruff Foundation to aid wounded servicemen and their families, raising awareness and providing over $10 million in support. Bob's early career as an international correspondent in the Far East informs his unique perspective on global and U.S. news, especially regarding the Middle East and the impact of terrorism. In his presentations, Bob offers insights into current global issues, the international view of the Biden Administration and Congress, and the implications for the U.S. He also shares his personal recovery journey, detailing the events leading to his injury, its effects on his career and family, and the lessons he's learned. Bob's ability to intertwine his personal experiences with broader issues has been praised by various organizations, highlighting his skill in engaging and inspiring audiences. Bob Woodruff's work and life story offer valuable lessons and insights for those facing challenges.

Why Should You Book Bob Woodruff?

Bob brings a unique blend of personal resilience, journalistic excellence, and global insights to his presentations, offering profound lessons on overcoming adversity, the importance of teamwork, and navigating complex global landscapes. His firsthand experiences and storytelling ability will inspire your team, fostering a culture of perseverance and informed decision-making. Booking Bob as a speaker will not only motivate your team but also provide them with a deeper understanding of the world's current affairs and their impact on your business.

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