Cecilie Fjellhoy

Cecilie Fjellhoy | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Cecilie Fjellhoy | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Speaker, Co-Founder of Lovesaid Cic and Former UX Designer at Sopra Steria, Tinderswindler Victim
Raise awareness about the dangers of online scamming and empower victims with Cecilie Fjellhoy, speaker, advocate for victims of online scams and fraud
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Cecilie Fjellhoy | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Cecilie Fjellhoy | PepTalk Expert Speaker
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Cecilie Fjellhoy | Speaker Biography

Advocate for online scam victims
Co-Founder of LoveSaid CIC
Featured in Netflix's 'Tinder Swindler' documentary

Cecilie Fjellhoy is a highly respected speaker and advocate for victims of online scams and fraud. She gained global recognition when she bravely shared her personal experience of being deceived in the well-known Tinderswindleren case. Through her appearance on a popular Netflix series, she has reached audiences in over 200 countries, using her platform to support others who have faced similar situations and to raise awareness about the dangers of online scamming.

As the proud Co-Founder of LoveSaid CIC, Cecilie has built an impressive career and is in high demand as a speaker at various events. She is a powerful advocate for scam victims and individuals in destructive relationships, using her story to educate people worldwide about the dangers of these situations. Through media outlets and speaking engagements, Cecilie aims to empower victims and provide them with knowledge about fraud cases.

Cecilie is passionate about involving victims in discussions about changing processes, laws, and regulations, and is dedicated to making a positive impact in the community. Her organization, LoveSaid CIC, offers a safe space for fraud victims to share their experiences and seek justice. With her courage and honesty, Cecilie is breaking the silence surrounding cybercrime and highlighting its importance.

Cecilie Fjellhoy is a highly sought-after speaker, delivering keynote presentations tailored to different audiences. Her goal is to educate people about fraud and online scamming, inspiring individuals all over the world. If you are looking for a passionate speaker, do not hesitate to book Cecilie today.

Cecilie Fjellhoy's speaking topics include fraud, IT security, ID theft, the fight for justice after fraud, the initial weeks after fraud, and her journey as the Co-Founder of LoveSaid CIC. She is also known for her involvement in the release of Netflix's documentary 'Tinder Swindler' and her past experience as a senior UX designer for Sopra Steria.

Why Should You Book Cecilie Fjellhoy?

Book Cecilie Fjellhoy as a speaker to empower your team with firsthand insights into online scams and fraud, drawn from her globally recognized experience in the Tinderswindleren case. Her compelling story and advocacy work through LoveSaid CIC will inspire and educate your audience on the critical importance of cybercrime awareness and prevention. Don't miss the chance to bring her impactful message to your event.

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