Chenyu Zheng

Chenyu Zheng | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Chenyu Zheng | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Speaker, International Advisor, Brand Ambassador, Author
Gain valuable insights into the Chinese market and bridge the cultural gap with Chenyu Zheng, speaker, author, and expert in innovation and talent.
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Chenyu Zheng | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Chenyu Zheng | PepTalk Expert Speaker
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Chenyu Zheng | Speaker Biography

Author of "606 Days Without a Lease"
Co-founder of Whisper China with Tencent
Product Marketing Manager for China Partnerships at Uber

Chenyu Zheng is a globally recognized Chinese-born author, renowned for her best-selling book "606 Days Without a Lease". With a strong academic background in economics and environmental studies from prestigious institutions like Princeton University and Oxford University, she possesses a unique expertise in bridging the cultural gap between China and the rest of the world, with a particular focus on innovation and talent.

Having dedicated six years of her life to assisting Western companies in entering the Chinese market, Zheng co-founded Whisper China in collaboration with Tencent, a prominent Chinese multinational conglomerate. Additionally, she has gained valuable experience as a Product Marketing Manager for China Partnerships at Uber, further solidifying her knowledge and understanding of the Chinese market.

Zheng's book, "606 Days Without a Lease", serves as a captivating documentation of her personal experiment, living in Airbnbs across the globe. Through this unique experience, she delves into the profound concepts of homes, belonging, and identity. Alongside her literary pursuits, Zheng actively maintains a popular blog called "Apple Sister" and shares thought-provoking articles on LinkedIn and Medium, primarily focusing on trending topics in China.

Zheng is highly sought after as an inspirational speaker and has been invited to deliver lectures at renowned Chinese tech companies and Airbnb Open. Furthermore, she contributes as a columnist to leading tech and lifestyle publications in China, showcasing her expertise in the field. With her own media studio, Zheng collaborates with conscious and sustainable lifestyle brands, aligning her work with her values.

As a testament to her accomplishments, Zheng has been featured in both national and international media outlets, including CBC, HuffPost, and Cosmopolitan China. She was also invited to speak at TEDxFerhadija, where she shared her profound insights on "Designing your own life".

Why Should You Book Chenyu Zheng?

Book Chenyu Zheng as a speaker to gain unparalleled insights into bridging cultural gaps and driving innovation in the Chinese market. Her unique blend of academic excellence, hands-on experience with top global companies, and captivating storytelling will inspire and equip your team for success. Don't miss the chance to learn from a thought leader featured in major media and TEDx stages.

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