David Nicholson

David Nicholson | PepTalk Expert Speaker
David Nicholson | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Speaker, Co-Founder Of Living DNA, Geneticist And Scientist Expert On Uses Of DNA Technology.
Explore the complexities of human heritage through DNA testing and gain insights into your ancestral roots with David Nicholson, speaker, co-founder of Living DNA, geneticist, and scientist.
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David Nicholson | PepTalk Expert Speaker
David Nicholson | PepTalk Expert Speaker
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David Nicholson | Speaker Biography

David Nicholson is a co-founder of Living DNA, a geneticist, and a scientist specializing in DNA technology. Born in Frome, Somerset, England, Nicholson co-founded Living DNA with Hannah Morden-Nicholson in September 2016. The company focuses on DNA testing and analysis, offering detailed ancestry information from around the world through unique analysis processes and linked DNA.

Prior to founding Living DNA, Nicholson had a successful career in the industry. In 1999, he established DNA Worldwide, which he still manages. His emphasis on privacy and customer control has played a crucial role in the reputation and success of Living DNA. David and Hannah Nicholson personally represent the business to ensure customers understand that their data remains their own.

Living DNA has expanded its global presence by providing DNA services to various companies worldwide, contributing to its growth. The company offers three types of DNA analysis: autosomal, Y-chromosome, and mitochondrial, providing ethnic breakdowns for 80 regions globally, including 21 regions within the UK. Despite controversies surrounding certain individuals associated with the company, Living DNA remains committed to exploring human heritage complexities through DNA testing.

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