Dominique Moïsi

Dominique Moïsi | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Dominique Moïsi | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Speaker, Leading Expert On French Politics And International Relations And Author
Gain a deeper understanding of global political dynamics and their cultural impacts with Dominique Moïsi, speaker, political scientist, and geo-strategic thinker.
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Dominique Moïsi | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Dominique Moïsi | PepTalk Expert Speaker
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Dominique Moïsi | Speaker Biography

Dominique Moïsi, a distinguished geo-strategic thinker in Europe, is a celebrated political scientist, author, and co-founder of the French Institute for International Affairs. Dominique's career has been marked by his deep analysis of international relations and his contributions to understanding global political dynamics. His expertise is widely recognized, making him a sought-after commentator on global affairs.

Educated in Paris and at Harvard University, Dominique has a solid academic foundation that has underpinned his professional journey. His work has not only been academic; it has also had a practical impact on policy-making and international diplomacy. Over the years, Dominique has served as a special advisor to high-level government officials and international organizations, offering insights that have shaped policies and strategies.

Dominique's writings, including several influential books, have garnered attention for their incisive analysis of global issues. His publications, which explore the intersections of culture, politics, and international relations, have been translated into multiple languages, extending his influence beyond the French-speaking world. His book on the geopolitics of emotions highlights how cultural factors can affect global politics, a theme that has resonated with a wide audience.

In addition to his writing, Dominique is a respected educator. He has held teaching positions at prestigious institutions, sharing his knowledge with the next generation of political scientists and international relations experts. His lectures and seminars are known for their clarity, depth, and relevance, making him a popular figure among students and colleagues alike.

Dominique's contributions to the field of international relations have been recognized with numerous awards and honors. His insights into the complexities of global politics, combined with his ability to communicate these ideas effectively, have made him a key figure in contemporary discussions on global issues. Through his work, Dominique continues to shape the discourse on international relations, offering valuable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing the world today.

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