Frank Meehan

Frank Meehan | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Frank Meehan | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Speaker, Former Board Director Of Spotify, Summly, Siri, Founder Of Sparklabs Global
Gain insights into the future of learning and development in the corporate world with Frank Meehan, speaker, co-founder and CEO of, and partner at SparkLabs VC and Accelerator Group.
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Frank Meehan | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Frank Meehan | PepTalk Expert Speaker
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Frank Meehan | Speaker Biography

Co-founder and CEO of
Partner at SparkLabs VC and Accelerator Group
Former board member of Spotify, Summly, and Siri

Frank Meehan is a prominent figure in the technology industry, with significant roles in various companies and organizations. Born in Sydney, Australia, Meehan started his professional journey as a software coder and troubleshooter for Ericsson Mobile. He has lived and worked in Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, and London. Meehan is known for his contributions to learning and development in the corporate landscape. He is the co-founder and CEO of, a platform for faster and more efficient learning. He is also a partner at SparkLabs VC and Accelerator Group, and SparkChain Capital, focusing on blockchain investments. As a former board member, Meehan has played important roles in influential companies like Spotify, Summly, and Siri. He is also the founder and general partner of Sparklabs Global, a global early-stage fund, and a partner at SparkLabs Korea, a leading accelerator in Asia. Meehan's expertise goes beyond his executive positions. He was recognized as one of Wired's top 100 people in tech in 2012 and is a sought-after keynote speaker for events and conferences. His areas of focus include guiding digital transformation in major companies, driving successful startups, identifying future trends, and scaling products globally. Throughout his career, Meehan has shown a passion for innovation and a commitment to creating impactful technologies. He is also dedicated to environmental causes and has launched an initiative to promote the use of biodegradable materials instead of single-use plastics, like those used by Coca-Cola.

Why Should You Book Frank Meehan?

Book Frank Meehan as a speaker to gain unparalleled insights from a tech industry leader who has driven digital transformation and innovation globally. His experience with top companies like Spotify and Siri, combined with his expertise in startups and future trends, will inspire and equip your team for success. Meehan's commitment to impactful technologies and environmental causes adds a unique and forward-thinking perspective to any event.

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