Gary Heil

Gary Heil | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Gary Heil | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Speaker, Consultant, People-Centric Leadership Expert
Engage your employees and customers on a deeper level and gain valuable perspectives with Gary Heil, speaker, consultant, and people-centric leadership expert.
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Gary Heil | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Gary Heil | PepTalk Expert Speaker
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Gary Heil | Speaker Biography

Leadership and management expert in business and innovation
Consultant for major corporations on employee and customer engagement
Author on human aspects of organizations, sought-after speaker

Gary Heil is a speaker, consultant, and thought leader in business, management, and innovation. With a diverse background in coaching athletes, conducting research on baseball pitching techniques, and navigating a polar icebreaker, Heil brings a unique perspective to his work in leadership and management. As a consultant, Heil helps major corporations engage their employees and customers on a deeper level. His expertise extends beyond traditional business practices, making him a sought-after voice in people-centric leadership. Heil is also an author, writing books that explore the human aspects of organizations. Heil's insights into leadership and management are shaped by his extensive career experiences. His work encompasses not only business but also sports, where he has coached athletes, and scientific research, particularly in the field of baseball pitching mechanics. This multifaceted background allows him to approach problems from various angles, providing valuable perspectives for his clients. He continues to be a respected figure in the industry, sharing his knowledge and insights at events and conferences worldwide.

Why Should You Book Gary Heil?

Gary brings a unique blend of experiences from sports, science, and leadership, offering innovative insights that can transform your team or business. His expertise in people-centric leadership and management will help you engage more deeply with employees and customers, driving success. Booking Gary means gaining access to a thought leader who can inspire change and foster a culture of excellence in your organization.

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