Golazin Memar Ardestani

Golazin Memar Ardestani | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Golazin Memar Ardestani | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Speaker, Singer And Activist
Inspire your team with stories of resilience and empowerment from the Lioness of Iran, Golazin, speaker, singer, and women's rights activist.
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Golazin Memar Ardestani | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Golazin Memar Ardestani | PepTalk Expert Speaker
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Golazin Memar Ardestani | Speaker Biography

Golazin, also known as Gola, is an exiled Iranian singer and women's rights activist who has performed in venues of all sizes, from intimate settings to arenas with a capacity of 15,000 people. She shares her personal experiences as a woman born and raised in Iran, turning fear and rage into fuel and opportunity for small crowds, and delivering uplifting messages of hope and women empowerment to energize larger audiences.

Living in exile from her home country, Gola has become a fearless advocate for women's rights, shaped by her first-hand experiences under the oppressive Iranian Regime. In Iran, female solo singers are not allowed to record, release songs, or perform publicly. Known as the Lioness of Iran, Gola lives up to her reputation with her historic album 'CHANGE,' which showcases her bravery, advocacy, and pursuit of justice. She strives to bring about peace, gender equality, and reparations for those who have suffered under the Iranian Regime.

Gola's work has gained attention from major media outlets such as The Times, The Sunday Times UK, i-D Magazine, C-Heads, and Hunger Magazine. She continues to release projects that amplify her mission of spreading empowerment, peace, and love. Gola is one of the first Iranian women to professionally sing in Farsi and English and has a pop English track in the UK Club chart. Her self-taped and self-directed one-take video for the song "Haghame" went viral on the National Day of Hijab in Iran, making her the face of the "Hijab No Hijab" campaign. The video received over half a million views on her Instagram page in less than three days.

Through her music, performances, and speeches around the world, Gola continues to spread her message of empowerment, peace, and love. She addresses various topics, including pursuing dreams despite obstacles, gender equality, and the journey of women in the Middle East towards freedom. Gola's personal experiences and hopes for the future are shared in these discussions.

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