We all have an incredible array of individual talents and skills, and teaching and speaking to others about your ideas helps you refine them and even see them in another light. 

At PepTalk, we’re often asked how to join the platform and what we look for in qualifying expert speakers. Although this question has no correct answer, today we’ll share a few key points when considering applications. In a perfect world, being awesome and knowledgeable about your subject would be enough, but it’s, unfortunately, more complicated than that when you consider the business perspective. So, without further ado, here's what we look for in applications.

How to become a motivational speaker

1. Define your story

Are you an established voice in your field? Or do you have a compelling story?

We usually bring two types of people onto the PepTalk platform: real-world experts and authorities in their field. A real-world expert usually has lived experience and an incredibly compelling story that either makes people sit up and listen or inspires them to take action. Authorities are subject-matter-experts at the forefront of their field, whether that's in leadership and management, career building skills, work culture or wellbeing.

Although we appreciate ambitious individuals, we need evidence of your seriousness and experience outside your personal network. While we don’t expect you to have a long career behind you, it’s essential to have built something outside your direct connections — we can’t consider a speaker based on their plans if there’s little happening in the present.

2. Build a track record

PepTalk offers paid speaking engagements and creates on-demand content seen by hundreds of thousands of people each year, so it’s not an ideal training ground if you don’t have prior experience. If the answer is no, one good way to start is to submit proposals to speak at relevant seminars and conferences. Even if you start with panel opportunities or webinars, it's an excellent way to get noticed.

If you’re already a confident, established storyteller, that’s great! We always advise you to have at least three topics or speeches you know exceptionally well, with well-crafted titles. Ensure you can clearly explain what potential bookers and their audiences will take away from your sessions.

3. Promote yourself

Being any sort of subject matter expert or authority today is challenging. You need to be skilled not just in your field of expertise but also in marketing, social media, photography, writing, and content creation. While not everyone is comfortable with this, especially the demanding aspects of social media, engaging with these elements is necessary because they are crucial for promoting your personal brand and value.

If you don’t have a track record of smaller events but have a substantial social media following or online presence, we still might be able to work together — as this shows people are excited to hear what you have to say!

4. Inspire people to change how they think or act

We need our speakers to offer actionable insights that people can act on in their daily lives. That’s not to say we don’t want world-record-breaking mountaineers — but the point is you’re not teaching people to climb a mountain; you’re showing them how to embrace perseverance, develop grit and build teamwork through the power of storytelling.

Hopefully now you should have a clearer image of what we’re after in a PepTalk expert. If you think you qualify, please email us to submit your interest in being a motivational speaker. We regularly review expert applications and if we think you might be a good fit at this time, we’ll contact you for a casual chat with one of the team. Although we can't respond to all applications due to the high volume, we appreciate and thank you for your support.

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