A game-changer for internal comms teams

If you're in internal communications, you're juggling a lot. You need to know much about tech, handle feedback like a pro, and keep everyone in the loop without drowning them in info. PepTalk can help you nail all three by leveraging the expertise of keynote speakers.

You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Ah, the life of the internal comms Swiss-army-knife. You're expected to be a tech whizz, performance psychologist, a social media guru, and a fact-checker. But let's be honest: there are gaps in your knowledge. We bring Peptalk expert speakers who tell you exactly what you need to know and what you can safely ignore. No fluff, just the essentials. You'll be better at your job, plain and simple. 

Feedback Isn't a One-Way Street

One issue teams often struggle with is giving negative feedback without crushing spirits. And for managers, so is taking criticism from your team. Our speakers can teach you the art of constructive criticism — through strategic storytelling. They also show you how to listen when it's your turn to be critiqued. Armed with these skills, your team will function better. You'll know how to give and take feedback in a way that improves things rather than making them worse.

Too Much Information is Just Noise

You need to keep everyone informed, but you also don't want to overwhelm them. It's a balancing act. Recently, we ran a program at a British multinational, a leader in sustainable technologies, with top-tier athletes like Paula Radcliffe and Jessica Ennis Hill. The goal? Help employees focus on what really matters.

When you bring in the big names, people pay attention (Jenson Button, anyone?)

It's a way to cut through the noise and get everyone on the same page through a shared experience. Recognisable experts bring a sense of importance and commitment, especially if the leadership team disillusions your workforce. Plus, the buzz around the water cooler — virtual or IRL — can’t be beaten. To sweeten the deal, we’ll even create social media assets your team can use to strengthen their connection.

PepTalks Aren’t One and Done, We’re Partners

PepTalk isn't just another speaker agency; it's a toolkit for making you better at your job. Whether filling in your knowledge gaps, mastering the feedback loop, or cutting through the internal communications clutter, we've got you covered.

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