Business relationships are so important for our career, wellbeing and are key to creating opportunities and getting where we want. Lirone is a global business development expert and an international keynote speaker. Taking her passion for people, marketing and travel into a thriving business, Lirone is now the CEO of ‘The Human Factor by Lirone Glikman’ — a boutique global business development firm that helps tech companies grow and expand to new global markets.

The Authentic Experience

She says, when we form relationships in business and in general, we usually exchange several things: information (verbal and non-verbal), resources, contacts, and one important, intangible factor that she calls the “experience”. It is as simple as the feeling you give the other person, or side, about you.

Ask yourself

To get started, first ask yourself what type of experience you give to those you communicate within the business environment:

  • Is it positive, upbeat, fun?
  • Is it emotionally stable? Mellow?
  • Is it caring, attentive, genuine?
  • Do you stand behind what you say?
  • Do you bring the same core experience consistently to your future engagements?

Give Yourself an Unparalleled Advantage

We build and manage business relationships all the time, but it is not something we learn formally, therefore it is not always smooth and won’t necessarily get the right results for us. There are many aspects to it, but the core is the type of connection you form with other people, and within that, the experience others get from being around you. Master that and you’ll build long-lasting, supportive relationships that will make your life and career richer.

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