And that’s a wrap, folks! What a year it’s been… We’ve learned how to build our mental fitness with Dr Alex George, perfect our pitches with Anna Randall, build our personal brands with Lucy Werner, and much more.

For those of you setting 2024 goals, here's a timely preview of Lucy Werner's series, where she explains how to set intentions for a big audacious goal:

If you missed out on any of this year’s sessions, don’t worry! We’ve rounded up all the best nuggets of advice from our wellbeing and professional skills sessions so that you can enjoy them in espresso-sized shots of inspiration. Log in to watch them both in under 10 minutes on-demand.

Get ready for the New Year:

Do you have goals you’re looking to achieve in 2024? Why not watch some of our top productivity PepTalks to help you hit the ground running? 

Thank you for joining us on PepTalk in 2023; we look forward to seeing you in January and continuing to help you win at the business of life! 

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