We all have mental health, but it may be good or bad depending on where we are in our lives.  According to the APA Dictionary of Psychology, good mental health is a state of mind characterised by emotional well-being, good behavioural adjustment, relative freedom from anxiety and disabling symptoms, and a capacity to establish constructive relationships and cope with ordinary demands and stresses of life.

Talking about mental health

Today, one in eight people globally live with mental health conditions impacting their physical health, wellbeing, connection with others, and livelihoods. Mental health conditions also affect an increasing number of adolescents and young people.  

With this in mind, it makes sense that exploring and expressing our emotions is vital to our mental health. But they’re complex, nuanced and unique, challenging to understand and interpret. Understandably, many people would rather just keep quiet about their feelings.

However, under the guidance of a skilled facilitator, we can often give people the tools to open up the mental health conversation and educate them on the importance of emotional well-being.

Make a move towards emotional wellbeing

Every year at PepTalk, we celebrate World Mental Health Day on 10 October, an opportunity for all stakeholders working on mental health issues to discuss their work and what can be done to make mental health care a reality for people worldwide.

To help highlight the issues, we’ve brought together the top PepTalk voices on emotional wellbeing for mental health awareness week: Dr Alex George, Josh Connelly and Emma Cannon. Together, these experts explore the different aspects of emotional health, from feelings such as anxiety and grief to how hormonal changes can influence mental health.

Overcoming struggle and grief with Dr Alex George 

Former Love Island contestant and NHS doctor Alex George is a leading voice on mental health. Since sadly losing his brother to suicide, Alex has been on a mission to share his story and use the power of a conversation in mental illness prevention. He also has a unique perspective on how social media and societal pressure impact our emotional well-being. Alex has a compelling story to share, filled with emotion and vulnerability — one that will impact your team. 

Book a PepTalk Live with Dr Alex to: 

  • Openly talk about grief and loss - something we all face. 
  • Bring mental health conversations into the limelight. 
  • Encourage the sharing of emotions

‍Destigmatising mental health with Josh Connolly 

Josh Connolly is a UK mental health policy advisor, breathwork and resilience coach. Josh is a suicide survivor who fully helps others embrace their vulnerabilities and emotions. His advocacy has brought the conversation of men's mental health to the forefront, asking those who do not feel at ease to express their feelings to explore them.  Josh is a master of vulnerability and will break the ice for those who struggle with emotional communication. 

Book a PepTalk Live with Josh to: 

  • Bring your team together to find out how to open up. 
  • Uncover the secret to feeling comfortable with vulnerability. 
  • Create an emotionally supportive culture.

Finding and creating emotional balance with Emma Cannon

Based in London, Emma is a fertility and women's health expert, helping women to overcome trauma and fertility issues. She brings the spiritual to the emotional, giving a holistic approach to emotional fitness. Within her work and with clients, she explores how fertility and women's cycles play into emotional health and how to create balance in life. Emma is a game-changer for any female employee, talking about emotional well-being in the context of their hormonal cycles.  

Book a PepTalk Live with Emma to:

  • Help bring awareness to the emotional aspects of female health
  • Support female employees and help them feel seen — creating Emotional Safety
  • Open up the conversation around female wellbeing 

Would you like to book one of these brilliant experts for a PepTalk, whether for Mental Health Awareness Day, Time to Talk Day (February), Mental Health Awareness Week (April), World Suicide Prevention Day (September), or any other time of the year? Get in touch with our team — we’re always happy to help!