Mindfulness, meditation and mental health. We’ve all heard of the ways these three things interlink to benefit our mindset and give us space from all of our mind’s chatter.

And it's not just mental health that benefits! A 2020 review of 14 studies (including more than 1,100 participants) examined the effects of mindfulness practices on the blood pressure of people with health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, or cancer.  The results showed that for people with these health conditions, practicing mindfulness-based stress reduction was associated with a significant reduction in blood pressure.

However, for many of us, it can all feel lofty and not something we can easily engage with. To help you take some actionable (yet baby sized) steps, here are three of the leading PepTalk experts on the art of mindfulness and meditation. 

Master your mind with meditation 

with Pandit Dasa

Former monk turned mindful leadership expert, Pandit Dasa is a master of the mind. Knowing first hand the deep roots of the mystical approach to mental wellbeing. Now Pandit works with the likes of Google & NASA teaching them his practical approach to mindfulness to help build resilience and increase productivity. 

Pandit’s unique story is set to inspire your whole team to take a different approach to their workplace mindset. 

Book Pandit as a keynote speaker to:

  • Make mindfulness accessible to your team 
  • Learn teachings from a monk 
  • Boost team retention 

Feel the power of yoga and meditation combined 

with Shona Virtue

Yoga teacher to the stars. Responsible for David Beckham working out all his aches and pains. Aussie powerhouse. Shona Virtue combines resistance training with her passions of meditation and yoga to look at health and fitness holistically. She brings her knowledge aggregated from years of dedication to her practice and real-life experience of the transformative effect mindfulness and meditation can have. 

Shona brings mindfulness and yoga into formats we can all understand, showing the power a consistent habit can have on our mental wellbeing. 

Book Shona as a keynote speaker to: 

  • Learn about mindfulness and yoga from master 
  • Encourage movement in your team 
  • Pump up your team’s productivity 

Mindfulness and an athletes’ mindset 

with Lewis Hatchett

From England cricketer to mindfulness expert, Lewis Hatchett shines a light on a different angle of mindfulness — how it can be best utilised for performance. His experience and expertise converge to create a compelling story on how sharing with others how a connection to the spiritual helped him overcoming 

Lewis is a powerful speaker and coach who is ready to transform what your team thinks about mindfulness. 

Book Lewis as a keynote speaker to: 

  • Promote a performance mindset through mindset 
  • Train and maintain the strength of your mind 
  • Uplift team confidence with mindful practice

💡 Are you ready to bring mindfulness front and centre to your team? Get in touch to book one of our expert speakers for Mental Health Awareness Week today or simply as an everyday well-being booster.

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