When thinking about mental health, we often divert to routes of mindfulness, psychology or emotional specialists to provide us with the answers we’re looking for. But often the answers to widespread feelings of disconnection, isolation and lack of meaning sit in the more logical lanes. Philosophy and real-life experience combine to provide tangible examples of where we can shift the way we live our lives to better our mental health. 

Find the route to happiness with Mo Gawdat 

Former chief business officer for Google now turns to happiness to make his mark. Mo talks about the reason that there is endemic unhappiness: the gap between what we expect our lives to be and how they actually end up.

Mo brings his challenging but perspective-shifting knowledge to everyone who attends his PepTalks - bringing forward some uncomfortable truths and how we can change to fix them. 

Book Mo to 

  • Shift the mood in a team struggling with positivity
  • Help your teams and individuals restructure how they look at happiness 
  • Create a culture shift at your company 

Support those around you with Poorna Bell 

Journalist, public speaker and mental health advocate, Poorna is no stranger to seeing the effects of mental health on those around you. She sadly lost her husband to suicide and now uses her voice to get others to share their thoughts and feelings. 

Poorna is brutally honest and a very powerful speaker- bringing a refreshing take to the mental health discussion 

Book Poorna to 

  • Support those that might be living with someone with a mental health issue 
  • Break down the mental health stigma at work 
  • Keep the conversation about mental health open 

Understand what resilience looks like with Michael Coates 

Former soldier & firefighter tuned mental health advocate. Michael has had his own mental health struggles in his life - battling through them to now sharing his story of resilience with others. A true beacon of hope and light for those that might feel unable to share how they really feel or that they don’t fit the blueprint for an emotional person. 

Michael brings attention to men’s mental health, the warning signs and how to manage it. 

Book Michael to 

  • Breakthrough to male members of your team 
  • Start vital discussions about emotional management and resilience 
  • Highlight the tropes of someone struggling with their mental health 

Want to book one of these brilliant experts for a PepTalk during mental health awareness week? Get in touch with our team to enquire. 

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