You can now access all your live session recordings and expert proposals in one place, with your PepTalk Dashboard.

PepTalk Dasboard Features Include:

Review Every Proposal

Every expert speaking proposal we have developed for you will feature in your dashboard, so you can review options and easily rebook reoccurring events and experts.

Never Miss A Session

The recordings of all your virtual PepTalk speaker sessions will now feature in your dashboard for 12 months, so you can re-watch or share with anyone who missed the session live.

Remember The Learnings

Access searchable AI transcripts of all your virtual PepTalk speaker sessions, so you can easily find and access the key learnings you need in an instant.

To setup and access your dashboard visit : and register your email address to access.

Our continual digital innovation is yet another reason why we're more than just another speaker or events agency. PepTalk takes the concept of a speaker bureau and infuses it with strategy and world-class support. Unlike other speaking agencies, we work strategically with you (at no added cost) to find the best expert speaker for your budget and needs. Discover over 3,000 speakers on 100+ topics with PepTalk.

💡 Get in touch today! Email us at or send us a message via the chat. You can also call us on +44 20 3835 2929 (UK) or +1 737 888 5112 (US). Remember, it’s always a good time to get a PepTalk!

Culture Calendar

Success favours the prepared. That’s why we’ve compiled a free calendar of awareness days and weeks to support your business.

From health and wellbeing to culture and DEI, adding the calendar will keep you on the pulse of what’s happening and ahead of the game. Plus, it works across all platforms.

Culture Calendar