PepTalk app for Microsoft Teams

You can now start a watch party with your team on Microsft Teams.

How it Works

To access the PepTalk app for Microsoft Teams you need to:

Go to your calendar and Schedule meeting
After joining the meeting click on Enter Apps (in the top side bar)
Type PepTalk in the search bar
Select the PepTalk App and add it to the meeting

Once the App is loaded and you log with your account you will be able to chose a session to watch with your team.

The host will see two tabs: Playlist and Browse

The Playlist tab contains a list of videos that the host wants to share with other attendees. After pressing the share button, videos from the playlist starts to play for all attendees.

The host can also play videos independently, by pressing the watch together button. Videos can be removed from the playlist by pressing the delete button on the chosen video.

When the video is playing, the person in control can use video controls to stop, change volume, skip to the next video, etc and it will be synced with other attendees' video.

Pressing the Stop sharing button will close the video to every attendee - it is only visible to host
button in the right bottom corner tells who controls the stream.

If a user is not in control, the button will change to Take control - clicking it allows to take back control of the stream.

The PepTalk app for Microsoft Teamsfollows our privacy policy that can be found here:

If you need any help setting up the PepTalk app for Microsoft Teams just get in touch with our team.

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