PepTalk app for Slack

You can now receive notifications of PepTalk sessions on your Slack Workspace

How it Works

Your Slack Workspace admin can add the PepTalk app for Slack by clicking on the button below.

Add to Slack

Once added to Slack, the app will then automatically be installed for all users. If any user wants to remove the app, they simply need to press the x next to it in the sidebar.

The app will send reminders for sessions, allow users to search for sessions to watch and, if you’re looking for an expert for your next team meeting, you can send a message to our team.

Reminders will come to your team automatically every week, but if you want to search for a session in the on demand library you can just click on Search for Sessions and then Watch Now to be taken to the PepTalk website.

If you need any help setting up the PepTalk app for Slack just get in touch with our team.

Using the App

To use the PepTalk app for Slack is very easy. Once added to Slack you will be able to:

- Click on Home to see the App overview
- Click on Search for sessions to show a list of the sessions available. When clicking on Search for Sessions a new message willl appear on the Messages tab.
- There you will see a list of video categories and can choose one to see some recommendations. By clicking in a category you will see the recommended videos and be able to watch them by clicking in Watch now.

Privacy Policy

‍The PepTalk app for Slack follows our privacy policy that can be found here:

Terms & Conditions

The PepTalk app for Slack follows our t that&n be found here:

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