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Here's your step-by-step guide to activating your team for their weekly dose of workplace wellbeing.

Activate Your Team with One Email

To give your whole team access to PepTalk, please share this short message with them via email or your preferred internal communications platform. PepTalk will then take care of the rest. Feel free to modify as needed to match your desired tone and voice.

Sample Communication
I'm pleased to say we have partnered with bitesize learning platform PepTalk.

PepTalk curates weekly sessions with experts such as Jenson Button, Mo Gawdat and Paula Radcliffe across a range of topics including Career Development, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Parenting, ID&E and many more.

Sessions are interactive so you’ll get the chance to ask the experts your own questions and receive a personal video response. All PepTalks are available to watch in your own time in our on-demand library or add PepTalk to your preferred podcast platform to listen.

Your account is all set up. To access it, simply log in using your work email address here:

Quick Links and Assets to Share

Login Link - Iogin.getapeptalk.com
Upcoming Session Schedule - https://www.getapeptalk.com/uk/a-weekly-peptalk-for-you
Calendar Subscription - http://cal.ae/guauouw
PepTalk logo - bit.ly/peptalk_logo
Session assets (updated monthly) - https://www.getapeptalk.com/uk/assets
Watch Party App for Microsoft Teams - https://www.getapeptalk.com/peptalk-app-for-zoom
Watch Party App for Zoom - https://www.getapeptalk.com/peptalk-app-for-microsoft-teams

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