Jack Hagley

Jack Hagley | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Jack Hagley | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Speaker, Branding Specialist, Infographics Expert
Transform complex data into engaging visuals that challenge perceptions and provoke thoughtful conversations with Jack Hagley, speaker, graphic designer, and branding specialist.
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Jack Hagley | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Jack Hagley | PepTalk Expert Speaker
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Jack Hagley | Speaker Biography

Expert in creating visually stunning infographics
Featured in The Times, The Guardian, Wired
Keynote speaker on digital branding and infographics

Jack Hagley is a speaker, graphic designer, and branding specialist known for his expertise in creating visually stunning infographics. Born in Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands, Hagley began his career as a chef before transitioning into graphic design after receiving formal art training. He gained recognition for his unique and clear style, earning him a place among the top infographics designers in the industry. Hagley's work has been featured in publications such as The Times, The Guardian, and Wired, showcasing his ability to transform complex data into engaging visuals that are informative and aesthetically pleasing. His designs have been praised for their high information density, emotional appeal, and ability to challenge perceptions and provoke thoughtful conversations. As a keynote speaker, Hagley shares insights on digital branding, logo design, and the power of infographics in conveying information effectively. His presentations are sought after by businesses and organizations looking to enhance their communication strategies and engage their audiences through visual storytelling. Hagley's approach to graphic design emphasizes collaboration and creativity, tailoring each project to meet the specific needs of his clients. His commitment to staying current with emerging trends and technologies allows him to deliver innovative solutions that resonate with modern audiences. Outside of his professional pursuits, Hagley maintains a personal website where he showcases his diverse interests, including music, digital gardens, and self-directed projects. His dedication to continuous learning and exploration further solidifies his position as a respected figure in the graphic design community.

Why Should You Book Jack Hagley?

Book Jack Hagley as a speaker to transform your team's communication strategies with his expertise in visual storytelling and digital branding. His engaging presentations will inspire your audience to leverage infographics for clearer, more impactful messaging. With a proven track record in top publications, Hagley brings innovative, trend-savvy insights that resonate with modern audiences.

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