Having spent 15 years as a monk, during which he spent hours delivering over 1000 talks, Pandit Dasa knows just the tricks to help you reduce stress healthily. Take a read of Pandit’s top techniques below to see how you can reduce your stress levels without even leaving your seat.

Deep Breathing

Begin by making sure your eyes are closed and then take a slow, deep breath, filling your lungs completely, visualizing their expansion and feeling the chest broaden. Once the lungs are filled, slowly exhale, completely emptying out the lungs.

Pandit says this focused breathing not only helps you to stay in the present moment, but it allows the lungs to take in slightly more breath each time. It also gives the mind something specific to focus on and a place to come to when it gets distracted or begins day-dreaming.

Practising Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the act of becoming aware of our thoughts, feelings, desires and emotions, and bringing the distracted mind back to the present moment. This in-the-moment awareness is so important because too often we keep pushing through our day, never stopping to think about our emotions and how we are being influenced by them.

Pandit says by taking time to be mindful throughout the day of any negative or difficult exchanges, we help avoid adding additional baggage to our minds, reducing our stress and helping us to make better judgements.

Learn to Press Pause

If you find yourself feel worried a work, take a moment to recognise the feeling and then ask yourself, is this worrying helping me at all?

We cause ourselves lots of stress and anxiety at work by needlessly thinking about the difficulties of the past and worrying about things that may never happen. Pandit says by learning to press pause and staying in the present moment we can help take back control of how we’re feeling and reduce our stress.

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