Welcome to March 2024 — we're starting to get a sense of spring. Building on from February 2024, March 2024 is brimming with events that mark the calendar and enrich our lives in myriad ways. Let's embrace these moments with a sense of purpose and joy. Here's what's in store for you:

Key dates for your March 2024 calendar

📅  St. David's Day | 1st March 2024

👉 Celebrate the patron saint of Wales. Embrace the day by donning daffodils or leeks, savouring traditional Welsh cuisine, and perhaps even trying on the Welsh national costume.

📅  National Day of Unplugging | 1st - 2nd March 2024

👉 Take a break from the digital world. Whether it's an hour or a full day, disconnect to reconnect with the world around you.

📅  World Wildlife Day | 3rd March 2024

👉 A day to appreciate our planet's wild fauna and flora and to recognize the benefits of conservation.

📅  World Book Day | 7th March 2024

👉 Immerse yourself in the joy of reading. Celebrate books through various activities and maybe even dress up as your favorite book character.

📅  International Women's Day | 8th March 2024

👉 Honour the remarkable achievements of women across the globe. Reflect on the progress made and the journey ahead for women's rights.

📅  British Science Week | 8th - 17th March 2024

👉  Engage with science, technology, engineering, and maths. This week is about sparking enthusiasm and celebrating these fields with people of all ages.

📅  Mother's Day | UK | 10th March 2024

👉 Show your appreciation for mothers and mother figures in your life. It's a day to express gratitude and love.

📅  St. Patrick's Day | 17th March 2024

👉 Celebrate Irish culture with parades, music, and perhaps a pint of Guinness.

📅  Global Recycling Day | 18th March 2024

👉 A reminder of the vital role recycling plays in preserving our planet.

📅  Shakespeare Week | 18th - 24th March 2024

👉 Dive into the world of Shakespeare and introduce the younger generation to his timeless works.

📅 World Sleep Day | 19th March 2024

👉 Recognize the importance of good sleep for health and well-being.

📅  Spring Equinox | Northern Hemisphere | 20th March 2024

👉 Welcome the first day of spring and longer, brighter days ahead.

📅  World Poetry Day | 21st March 2024 

👉 Immerse yourself in the beauty of poetry and its power to express our deepest emotions.

📅  Early Music Day | 21st March 2024 

👉 Celebrate the rich history of music, spanning over a millennium.

📅  International Day of Forests | 21st March 2024 

👉 Acknowledge the significance of all types of forests and the need for conservation.

📅  Nowruz | 21st March 2024 

👉 Experience the joy and traditions of the Persian New Year.

📅  World Water Day | 22nd March 2024 

👉 Reflect on the crucial role water plays in our lives and the need for sustainable management.

📅  Earth Hour | 23rd March 2024 

👉 Join the global movement in turning off non-essential lights for an hour, symbolizing your commitment to the planet.

📅  Tolkien Day | 25th March 2024 

👉 Delve into the magical world created by J.R.R. Tolkien.

📅  World Theatre Day | 27 March 2024 

👉 Celebrate the art of theatre and its cultural significance.

📅  Good Friday and Easter | 29th - 31st March 2024

👉 A time of reflection and observance in the Christian faith.

📅 British Summer Time (BST) Begins | 31 March 2024 

👉 Don't forget to adjust your clocks as we spring forward into longer days.

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