Wenna is PepTalk's Client Development Manager — helping our clients start on their strategic PepTalk journey. Alongside her work, she is an ardent dog and fashion lover, and brings her fantastic sense of humour to the PepTalk team.

Five minutes with Wenna Dufton

Who's the best keynote speaker you've had the privilege of listening to and why?

The best keynote speaker I've had the privilege of listening to is former RAF combat pilot Sarah Furness. What truly made her remarkable was not just her incredible experiences as a squadron leader in Iraq and Afghanistan but also her ability to share these experiences to empower her audience.

What really grabbed my attention was Furness's explanation of the psychology of how our brains respond under pressure. It was fascinating to gain a deeper understanding of our reactions in high-pressure situations.

Similarly, which expert would you like to have a talk from?

An expert that I would like to listen to a talk on is Gamal "G" Turawa. I've listened to recorded content of his [available at PepTalk OnDemand], and I find his story to be both inspirational and eye-opening. I feel he draws on issues which are relevant to a wide range of demographics, including relations within the police, race and sexuality.

What's your favourite PepTalk On-Demand watch?

My favourite PepTalk On-Demand watch is "How to Speak So That People Want to Listen" with Julian Treasure. I liked how he went into detail about how listening is a skill that can be developed and built upon and his practical ways of improving listening to others.

What are you currently reading?

I'm currently reading a selection of poems by UK writer Christina Rossetti, who's one of my favourite poets. I admire her ability to explore a diverse range of topics and present mundane everyday experiences with creativity and charm.

In which area(s) do you want to upskill in for 2024?

I think professionally, artificial intelligence will continue to be huge in 2024, so this is definitely an area I would be excited to delve into further. Additionally, I want to enhance my communication and problem-solving skills.

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Finally, what are you most looking forward to this year?

This year, I'm eager to witness PepTalk's ongoing expansion and the exciting opportunities it will present for our company. Additionally, I'm excited about collaborating with new clients and gaining valuable insights from them.

💡Thanks Wenna! You can connect with Wenna on LinkedIn here. To our readers, if you're curious how a PepTalk Live session with an expert speaker can help your business, email us at hello@getapeptalk.com to set up a free strategy call.

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