You’ve read the book, and now, your team can hear the story through a customised lens. With the help of our expert speakers (who just happen to be brilliant writers, too), uncover new perspectives and take the story beyond the pages. Explore our expert author speakers and accelerate your knowledge, directly from those in the field. There’s learning from the books — then there’s learning with PepTalk.

Inspiring author speakers

Julia Samuel

In This Too Shall Pass, acclaimed psychotherapist Julia Samuel draws on hours of conversations with her patients to show how we can learn to adapt and thrive during our most difficult and transformative experiences. Book Julia now.

Tom Goodwin

Ensure you're at the cutting edge of emerging technologies and innovation, from AI to Web 3.0 and beyond, with Tom Goodwin, Digital Transformation Expert and author of Digital Darwinism: Survival of the Fittest in the Age of Business Disruption. Book Tom now.

Emma Reed Turrell 

Learn to stop putting others ahead of your needs with Emma Reed Turrell, psychotherapist, podcaster, and author of Please Yourself and the upcoming What Am I Missing? Book Emma now.

Matthew Syed

Inspire your team to meet their full potential and teach them to harness cognitive diversity with Matthew Syed, journalist, former table tennis player and author of Rebel Ideas, Black Box Thinking, and Bounce. Book Matthew now.

Roxie Nafousi

Manifest your best life and discover the power of possibility with Roxie Nafousi, self-development coach and best-selling author of Manifest: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life. Book Roxie now.

"When we change our thoughts, we change how we feel and what emotions we experience, which in turn shifts our entire vibrational frequency."

Bruce Daisley

Learn how to rebuild a positive workplace culture in a hybrid age with Bruce Daisley, Former Twitter V, workplace culture advisor and author of Fortitude: The Myth of Resilience and the Secrets of Inner Strength. Book Bruce now.

"Resilience is the buzzword of the moment. We're told that if we have it, our lives will be happy and successful ones. If we don't, we need to acquire it. But what if the version of resilience we've been peddled is a myth?"

Zing Tsjeng

Get an insight into arts, culture and identity with Zing Tsjeng, speaker, executive editor of VICE UK, journalist and author of Forgotten Women. Book Zing now.

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