During COVID-19, businesses learned to survive. Faced with unprecedented challenges, companies were forced to embrace risks and navigate an ever-changing world one day at a time — or risk floundering. But now, more than ever, surviving isn't enough; we need to thrive. To achieve this, mastering the art of adaptability is crucial.

Adaptability, as defined by the APA Dictionary of Psychology, is the capacity to make appropriate responses to changed or changing situations. This means being able to adjust strategies, operations, and mindsets quickly and effectively in response to new conditions. Businesses that cultivate this ability will not only weather future uncertainties but also capitalise on new opportunities, setting themselves apart in a competitive landscape.

A 2020 Harvard Business School survey showed that 71% of 1,500 executives from more than 90 countries said adaptability was the most important quality they looked for in a leader.

A 2020 Harvard Business School survey revealed that 71% of 1,500 executives from more than 90 countries identified adaptability as the most important quality they sought in a leader. Being adaptable allows us to breathe, to embrace change and challenges. Moreover, it can significantly improve the well-being of your employees, as they feel empowered to face whatever comes their way. When people feel equipped to handle uncertainty, they experience less stress and greater job satisfaction, contributing to a more resilient and productive workplace. Adaptability, therefore, is not just a survival skill; it is a vital component of thriving in an unpredictable world.

Book an adaptability speaker for a PepTalk to your company — we have over 3000 experts ready to help you whatever the challenge, but to narrow it down, here are four superstars in rising to the challenge:

Mark Gallagher

Mark Gallagher's lessons come straight from the heart of F1, where remaining adaptable on the track and to changing conditions was essential. Benefit from his deep understanding of technology integration, team management, and commercial strategy, directly enhancing your team's or business's competitive edge and innovation capacity.

Dr. Yishai Barkhodari

Dr. Yishai Barkhodari's secret weapon is simplifying complex psychological concepts into actionable strategies can transform your team's resilience and effectiveness. In fact, he almost makes it looks easy.

Crystal Kadakia

Crystal Kadakia offers an unconventional take on change management. The key to her success? Rather than being demotivated by change, Crystal ignites significant shifts within organizations by inspiring a re-imagination of the workplace and exploring the potential of the inevitable changes in today's environment.

Peter Hinssen

Peter Hinssen's focus is on helping corporations understand and embrace the cultural aspects of innovation and change, learn from startups, and navigate the organisational patterns of innovation. He also provides guidance on how to effectively transition from inspiration to execution, particularly in the face of disruptive forces.

PepTalk experts on adaptability: Mark Gallagher, Dr. Yishai Barkhordari, Crystal Kadakia and Peter Hinssen

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