How much of our mental wellbeing is our ‘wiring’? Understanding how the mind works is key to knowing which aspects to focus on, how we can optimise our mental wellbeing and work with what we have. So we wanted to introduce our experts who are masters of the mind. Primed and ready to share their knowledge for Mental Health Awareness week.

Find out the secret to building better relationships with Anna Machin

Anna specialises in the inner workings behind our relationships. Her work brings the neurochemical processes of love and empathy. Giving us a route to improving our communication, empathy and relationships.

Anna on understanding the neurochemical processes of empathy: 

There are 5 points on a particular gene related to oxytocin the more of the 5 you carry the more empathetic you are. Some of us might have an advantage - empaths - where as some of us might not. Empathy is about listening and stepping into that persons' shoes but not taking on that level of emotion.

Book to:

  • Transform team communication
  • Fortify empathy 
  • Build stronger relationships 

The power of positive thinking with Marc Milstein

Marc is at the forefront of research on protective brain measures. A game-changer on preventing mental illness and optimising our lifestyles for our mental performance and overall health.

Marc's top tip to stimulate your mind and drive mental wellness: 

"Learn something new outside of your expertise. Think of your brain as your body - give it a full brain workout. You want to stimulate parts of your brain that are involved in different learning activities."

Book to: 

  • Give your team power to manage their mind 
  • Boost memory, cognition and creativity
  • Kick negative thinking 

Activate your happiness with Steph Peltier

Steph takes a science-backed approach to mental wellbeing - an expert in the neuroscience behind happiness. She uses her knowledge to help others manage stress, anxiety and build resilience. An infectious speaker who has flipped the script on what happiness and purpose really looks like.

Learn from Steph the power of perspective: 

All of our thoughts trigger a physical and emotional reaction. So we have to be very careful with the perspective that we have. You can choose your perspective, challenge it and reframe it. If you can challenge your perspective and find a silver lining, reframe the situation, identify opportunities for growth, learning and connection you're going to engage with it from a much more positive perspective. And you are going to feel different. You have a choice in the perspective that you have and on absolutely everything that is going on in your life.

Book to: 

  • Tackle workplace stress & anxiety
  • Build resilience 
  • Create an open mental health culture 

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