We wanted to share three trending topics that our clients are increasingly interested in learning more about.

Tackling Sleep Anxiety

Or to put it bluntly, “how on earth am I supposed to sleep with so much worry in my head?”.

In this PepTalk with Sleep Coach Kathryn Pinkham, you’ll learn how sleep loss during periods of stress is normal and how we're actually designed to cope with this. Quality of sleep is more important than quantity and there are practical techniques to manage worry.

Supporting Your Financial Wellbeing

Our relationship with money runs deep. One in four of us says that money worries affect their ability to do their job well and for people aged between 25 and 34, this can be as high as one in three. (Source: CIPD)

Financial expert Clare Seal says “It’s impossible to talk about wellbeing without addressing our financial wellbeing” and that’s never been more true. In this PepTalk she'll help your team develop the tools to support their financial wellbeing so they can avoid making the same mistakes so many of us do. This could be a bespoke team workshop or a series of 1-2-1 sessions.

The Art of Storytelling

We love stories. A good story can convey a message, leave lasting impact, and even be the difference between losing and winning a pitch. Many people think that the art of storytelling is something difficult and complex but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The skills necessary to tell a story can be acquired through practice and with the right guidance, everyone can become a master storyteller. Book one of our storytelling experts such as George The Poet, Richard Newman or Oscar-winning filmmaker Asif Kapadia to hear their secrets to storytelling success.

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Culture Calendar

Success favours the prepared. That’s why we’ve compiled a free calendar of awareness days and weeks to support your business.

From health and wellbeing to culture and DEI, adding the calendar will keep you on the pulse of what’s happening and ahead of the game. Plus, it works across all platforms.

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