Rob Hosking

Rob Hosking | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Rob Hosking | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Speaker, Former Police Officer, Mental Health And Workplace Wellbeing Advocate
Build team resilience, manage their stress levels, and discover better work-life balance with Rob Hosking, a former front-line police officer turned mental health and workplace wellbeing advocate.
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Rob Hosking | PepTalk Expert Speaker
Rob Hosking | PepTalk Expert Speaker
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Rob Hosking | Speaker Biography

TEDx International Motivational Speaker
Advocate for Mental Health and Workplace Wellbeing
Former Front-Line Police Officer

Embark on an inspiring journey with Rob Hosking, a renowned TEDx international motivational speaker, former front-line police officer, and dedicated advocate for mental health and workplace wellbeing. Through his fearless and captivating talks, Rob shares a compelling narrative of personal transformation, resilience, and the pursuit of genuine happiness. Having faced and overcome mental health challenges and trauma, he imparts invaluable lessons on the importance of prioritising well-being and thriving in the face of adversity. 

At the forefront of a global movement promoting happiness and mental well-being, Rob translates his experience and expertise in stress management, resilience building, and work-life balance from his time in the high-pressure world of policing into invaluable lessons for others. He delves into the pivotal role of employee happiness in driving organizational excellence, emphasizing how the well-being and resilience of a workforce are essential ingredients for a thriving organization. 

Rob is deeply committed to helping businesses prioritize mental health, cultivate resilience, and create a positive work culture where employees thrive. Whether speaking at an international conference, corporate event, or personal development seminar, Rob tailors his talks to engage, inspire, and motivate audiences to embrace well-being. With his powerful message and authentic delivery, he is a highly sought-after speaker who leaves a lasting impression on every stage he graces.

Why Should You Book Rob Hosking?

Book Rob to inspire your team with his powerful narrative of resilience, mental health advocacy, and workplace well-being. His authentic delivery and expertise in stress management and work-life balance will motivate and transform your organisation.

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