In today's world, finding the right balance between work and everything else in life is more important than ever. With so much change, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, people are looking for advice on managing their jobs and personal lives better. This has made experts who know a lot about work-life balance a popular pick for employee well-being programs. In today's PepTalk blog, we will talk about some of the top keynote speakers who are experts in helping people find that perfect balance.

Work life balance speakers

Looking for work-life balance speakers? PepTalk has a fantastic line-up of experts to share tips, stories, and ideas to help us all do better at work without sacrificing our happiness and health. Each of these individuals brings a unique blend of expertise, experience, and passion to the table, making them perfect for sparking conversations around work-life balance and personal growth.

Steph Peltier

Steph Peltier, a renowned happiness and well-being expert, is dedicated to revitalising team energy and fostering a positive outlook on happiness. Her sessions cover a variety of topics, from 'The Science Of Happiness' to 'Navigating Change, Setbacks And Uncertainties', showcasing her expertise in mental health, adaptability, and resilience.

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Tobi Asare 

Tobi Asare combines her experiences as a mum, author, and founder of My Bump Pay to offer invaluable insights into balancing parenting with professional aspirations, making her sessions especially relatable for working parents.

Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley, with his background as Twitter's former VP and his expertise as a business author, brings a wealth of knowledge on improving workplace culture and enhancing productivity without sacrificing well-being.

Zoe Blaskey

Zoe Blaskey stands out as a transformational coach and modern motherhood expert. Her approach to tackling the challenges of modern parenting while pursuing personal growth is refreshing and inspiring.

Selina Barker

Selina Barker is a beacon of light for those feeling burnt out. As a career and life design expert, her strategies for redesigning your life and career to prevent burnout are practical and transformative. Selina's book Burnt Out: The exhausted person's six-step guide to thriving in a fast-paced world, is a must read.

‍Jamie Clements

Jamie Clements offers a unique perspective on mental health and well-being through the power of breathwork. His enlightening sessions provide practical tools for managing stress and improving mental health.

Christina Crook

Christina Crook addresses the increasingly relevant issue of digital well-being. Her own battle with digital overwhelm, balance, and values misalignment led her to write the book The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World, which examines the connected world through the lens of her own internet fast. Her insights into managing our digital lives to improve overall well-being are timely and impactful.

Michael James Wong

Michael James Wong brings the art of modern mindfulness to the forefront. His approach to mindfulness is accessible, making it easy for anyone to incorporate these practices into their daily lives for better mental health and well-being.

Rob Hosking

Rob Hosking is a former police officer turned mental health and workplace wellbeing advocate. Rob inspires teams to enhance resilience, manage stress, and find work-life balance. As a PepTalk speaker, Rob shares his personal journey of transformation, resilience, and happiness.

Each of these experts has been carefully selected for their ability to engage, inspire, and provide actionable insights that can transform both personal and professional lives. At PepTalk, we have a wealth of well being experts and keynote speakers in our network. We can help ensure you and your team feel empowered and motivated this year and beyond with our work-life balance speakers. Interested? Email us at to set up a free strategy call.