June is jam-packed with cultural events and a-ha! moments. Here's what we have on the learning line-up this month:

June 2024 OnDemand Content from PepTalk

Reflect. Empower. Unite.

Launching June 6th with Radio DJ, Broadcaster and LGBTQ+ Advocate Charlie Powell

To celebrate Pride this year, we are excited to have Radio DJ, Broadcaster, and LGBTQ+ Advocate Charlie Powell join us on PepTalk. In this conversational session, Charlie will discuss a range of topics including the need to educate people on allyship, navigating situations where people feel unsure about someone's pronouns, and reinforcing why we still need Pride, plus lots more.

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Understanding Neurodiversity & Inclusive Communication

Launching June 13th with Accessible Communication Expert Ettie Bailey-King

With over 18% of the world's population thought to be neurodivergent, there has been a big shift in understanding and support for this growing community. We are excited to have inclusive and accessible communication expert Ettie Bailey-King join us on PepTalk to help you understand neurodiversity and how you can use very simple tips to make your communications to your neurodivergent colleagues as impactful as possible. In this session, Ettie will unpack neurodivergence and discuss the Neurodiversity Paradigm, where together, all of our different brains and thinking styles make us stronger and more varied as a group.

Unlocking Your Inner Resilience

Launching June 20th with Atlantic Rower, Ultramarathon Runner, and Ironwoman Victoria Monk

As life gets more complex, we are all having to become more resilient. We invited Victoria Monk to PepTalk to share her secret tips on how best to build your own resilience and that of the people around you too. Imagine rowing non-stop for two hours on, two hours off for 40 days just to stay alive. Victoria had to do this in her amazing 3,000-mile row across the Atlantic, so her experience in building mental resilience is second to none.

'The People Behind' Series

Launching June 27th with Jo Fairley, co-founder of Green & Black’s Chocolate

Behind every success, there are great people who have helped inform, support, and shape that success. We want to tell their stories and give you access to their unique knowledge and insights to inspire in our new PepTalk Summer Series ‘The People Behind...’. We are kicking off this Summer Inspirational Program with the amazing Jo Fairley, Co-founder of one of the UK's most beloved brands, Green & Black’s Chocolate. In this session, Jo will share her inspiring story of creating, launching, and scaling Green & Black’s, along with her key learnings along the way.

For people managers and L&D, wellbeing and culture teams, these talks aim to equip individuals with strategies for managing urgent demands, enhancing mental health, cultivating positive workplace cultures, and adopting healthier diets, contributing to both personal and professional growth.

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