April is upon us and it's time for some inspiring (yet essential) conversations on mental health, kindness, and nutrition from our real-world experts. Here's what we have on the learning line-up this month:

April 2024 OnDemand Content from PepTalk

How To Prioritise Between Urgent Demands And Long-Term Goals

Launching April 4th with Julia Zhou, Co-founder at Tidal Impact and Sustainable Futures Expert

As the co-founder of Tidal Impact, a company dedicated to measuring and managing global impacts, Julia Zhou knows how high the demand on your time and tasks can be. Join Julia for this PepTalk as she shares her simple tips and framework for helping you prioritise between your growing urgent demands and those all-important long-term goals.

In Conversation: Supporting Stress Awareness Month

Launching April 11th with Rob Hosking, Former Police Officer and Mental Health Advocate and Josh Connolly, Renowned Wellbeing Expert

In support of Stress Awareness Month we are excited to welcome Rob Hosking to PepTalk for a personal and honest conversation around transformation, resilience, and the pursuit of genuine happiness. Rob will be joined by renowned wellbeing expert Josh Connolly for a candid conversation on the mental health challenges and trauma he’s faced as well as the invaluable lessons he’s learnt on prioritising wellbeing and thriving in the face of adversity.

Cultivating A Compassionate Culture

Launching April 18th with Nahla Summers, CEO of A Culture of Kindness

Join Nahla Summers, cultural change consultant and the driving force behind 'A Culture of Kindness’ as she strives to transform the way people and businesses coexist, working towards a more sustainable future and stronger teams, individuals, and mindsets. In this PepTalk, Nahla focuses on how kindness at work is the essential driver of positive culture change and how you can help shift from a culture of blame to a culture of support.

Your Personal Nutritionist Sessions

Launching April 25th with Ruth Tongue, Nutritionist & Health Journalist

Join renowned wellbeing and nutrition expert Ruth Tongue, as she joins PepTalk to share her key tips for switching to a plant-based diet and what you should be thinking about if you are planning on cutting out sugar in your diet. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Ruth is not only an entrepreneur but also specialises in employee wellbeing and is dedicated to helping her clients live their optimal lives.

For people managers and L&D, wellbeing and culture teams, these talks aim to equip individuals with strategies for managing urgent demands, enhancing mental health, cultivating positive workplace cultures, and adopting healthier diets, contributing to both personal and professional growth.

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