Fun fact: Oprah's Book Club has a whopping 103 titles. But did you know that over 100 of PepTalk’s expert speakers are also accomplished authors? This means we are more than giving Oprah a run for her money when it comes to best-sellers. Without further ado, check out these eight great books on various topics by PepTalk experts for your next chapter in the business of life. 

Books by expert speakers

Books by Karen M. Allen, Scott Morrison and friends, Bruce Daisley, and Jaspreet Kaur

Stop & Shift: The Mindset Reset That Changes Everything by Karen Allen

In her groundbreaking book, Karen Allen shares her highly acclaimed Stop & Shift system. This mental strength training exercise will help you trade your default negativity and discontent for a resilient mindset grounded in purpose and passion.

Creative Superpowers: Equip Yourself for the Age of Creativity by Scott Morrison and Friends

This timely book proposes we are about to enter an Age of Creativity that requires a new set of skills. Scott Morrison and a wide range of creative minds introduces you to four creative superpowers: hacking, making, teaching, and thieving. These skills will help spark creative problem-solving and your biggest business problems and open fresh opportunities.

Fortitude: The Myth of Resilience and the Secrets of Inner Strength by Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley offers an absolute brain-fizzer of his own with his book, Fortitude. Fortitude dives into the questions no one asks about ‘resilience’ and explores our mistakes, thinking about how we can be more robust in our lives. "Never in the history of resilience has someone become more resilient by being told, ‘Be more resilient.’"

Brown Girl Like Me: The Essential Guidebook and Manifesto for South Asian Girls and Women by Jaspreet Kaur

Jaspreet Kaur is the author of this inspiring memoir and empowering manifesto that equips women with the confidence and tools they need to navigate the difficulties of intersectional identity. Jaspreet’s goal is to help South Asian women understand and tackle the issues that affect them and help them be in the driving seat of their own lives.

Books by Lucy Werner, Felicity Aston, Mo Gawdat and Kimberley Wilson

Hype Yourself: A no-nonsense PR toolkit for small businesses by Lucy Werner

At the time of writing, Lucy Werner is the newest member of the PepTalk expert family! Packed with quotable quotes and actionable ideas for promotion, this book isn’t just for small businesses — in fact, anyone with a message to share will benefit from it.

“We are in an era of whoever shouts the loudest wins, whether that is shouting about your brilliant work or your innovative thinking. If you are not part of that conversation, then no one will see what you are doing.” — Lucy Werner, Hype Yourself
Alone in Antarctica by Felicity Aston

What would it feel like to be alone in that empty vastness? Just before midnight on 24 November 2011, Felicity Aston is left entirely alone on the coast of Antarctica. The isolation is instant and devastating. This gripping and inspirational account of personal endurance shows what you can achieve when you grit your teeth and choose to get through today in one piece.

Solve For Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy by Mo Gawdat

One of Mo Gawdat's key premises is that happiness is a default state. If we shape expectations to acknowledge the full range of possible events, unhappiness is on its way to being defeated. Even better, Mo shows us how to engineer our lives to meet this goal.

How to Build a Healthy Brain: Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression and Future-proof Your Brain by Kimberley Wilson

A groundbreaking science-based guide to protecting your brain health for the long term. Kimberley Wilson, a Chartered Psychologist and nutritionist (you may also know her from the Great British Bake Off!), draws on the latest research to give practical, holistic advice on protecting your brain health by making simple lifestyle choices.

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