One way employees stay motivated at work is through continuous improvement, so let our experts help instil that feeling within them. According to recent Gallup research, highly engaged businesses see a 23% increase in profitability, a 43% decrease in turnover, and a whopping 81% decrease in absenteeism. If these stats sound like something you’d like to see in your team, PepTalk is here to help with a line up of inspiring female speakers ready to reignite your team’s energy.

Motivational and inspiring female speakers

Karen M. Allen

Create space away from negative thoughts and shift your team’s mindset with Karen Allen, Mindset Expert, TEDx Speaker, and the founder of the 100% Human movement. As Karen would say, more motivation often starts with a mindset shift- or Stop + Shift. Karen developed her renowned mental exercise after the unexpected loss of her husband. The Stop + Shift method is now used worldwide. It's a simple yet powerful technique that teaches individuals to let go of negative thought cycles and move to more productive and positive thinking.

Roxie Nafousi

Help your team unlock the power of possibility with Roxie Nafousi, renowned self-development coach and two-time Sunday Times Bestselling author. Roxie’s debut book, "MANIFEST: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life," has achieved global acclaim since its release in January 2022 and is widely regarded as the ultimate guide to manifestation. Roxie’s unique approach to self-development will help your team take ownership of their learning journey, fulfil their potential, and spark motivation.

Resilient and inspiring female speakers

Higher levels of resilience mean your team can better adapt to change and keep motivation high. These female motivational speakers know something about resilience, so who better than to inspire your team?

Penny Mallory

Discover your inner mental toughness with Penny Mallory, former rally driver and motivational coach. Penny  is just about as resilient as they come. As a child, she ran away from home and lived on the streets. However, full of willpower and determination, she turned her life around and became a champion rally driver and the first and only woman to drive for Ford in the World Rally Championship. If you’re trying to motivate your team through change, let Penny steer them in the right direction with her resilience, confidence and determination story.

Hannah Cockroft, OBE

Learn to think innovatively to achieve champion-like success with Hannah Cockcroft, OBE, world record-breaking British wheelchair racer. Hannah, a world record holder in the T34 classification and Paralympic records for 100, 200, 400, and 800 metres, rose to fame with two gold medals at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Known for her ability to thrive under pressure and overcome challenges, she delivers PepTalk keynotes on motivating teams to develop a high-performance mindset. She's also one of a top keynote speaker on resilience, drive, and determination.

Empowering and inpsiring female speakers

“When employees feel trusted and supported, they are more likely to be motivated to do their best work.” - Rajesh Natarajan

Mandy Hickson

Learn how to empower your team to make better decisions and thrive under pressure with Mandy Hickson, former RAF Fast-Jet Pilot and performance coach. Despite facing significant challenges throughout her career, Mandy’s exceptional skills and resilience led her to command a Front-Line Tornado Squadron, a role traditionally dominated by men.

Mandy now applies her experience as a human performance coach, focusing on cultural change and debriefing, ready to invigorate any team.

Ebony Rainford-Brent MBE

Empower and inspire women within your organisation with Ebony Rainford-Brent, Women’s Cricket World Cup Winner. Since retiring from cricket, Ebony has become the first director of Women’s Cricket at Surrey County Cricket Club while also getting behind the mic to be a pundit and broadcaster for the BBC flagship radio programme Test Match Special.

She is one of the first female expert summarisers to commentate on men’s international cricket matches. She also hosted the motivational podcast The Art of Success. Today, Ebony is a keynote speaker who shares her stories of sporting prowess to get teams and organisations fired up for success.

Elizabeth Day

Inspire your team with a new perspective on failure, learning and growth with Elizabeth Day, journalist, broadcaster and host of the hit podcast 'How to Fail’. According to Stylist magazine, Elizabeth has revolutionised how we see failure with her renowned Podcast ‘How To Fail’.

Elizabeth's guests have included Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Gloria Steinem, Andrew Scott, Lily Allen, and many more, winning the Rising Star Award at the 2019 British Podcast Awards. If you want to motivate your team with a new perspective on failure, learning and growth, look no further than Elizabeth.

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