Our World Menopause Day Speakers.

Learn about the physical and emotional changes of menopause and how to navigate this stage of life with our knowledgeable World Menopause Day speakers.

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World Menopause Day Expert Speakers

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Navigate the menopause journey with expert insights from our speakers.

Collaborating with renowned experts in women's health to speak at PepTalk's speaker series during Menopause Awareness Week can offer several advantages to organisations and businesses. Firstly, it can facilitate the dissemination of up-to-date information about the latest research and treatments available for menopause, thereby enhancing the overall health and wellbeing of employees and customers. Secondly, it can help to dispel the stigma surrounding menopause and foster a more supportive and inclusive workplace culture. Hosting these events can demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion, which can bolster employee morale and attract a more diverse customer base.

Expert insights from Menopause Awareness Week speakers 

PepTalk presents the best speakers for Menopause Awareness Week. Each speaker brings their unique experiences and expertise to the table, ranging from health and wellness to workplace support. By attending these sessions, your organization can gain valuable insights to support women through the menopausal transition better.

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